Isaac Asimov's Short Fiction: Union Club Mystery Stories Index

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Union Club Mysteries

Getting Even (Aug 1980)
No Refuge Could Save (To Spot a Spy) (Sep 1980)
The Telephone Number (The Winning Number) (Oct 1980)
The Men Who Wouldn't Talk (Pigeon English) (Nov 1980)
A Clear Shot (Big Shot) (Dec 1980)
Irresistible to Women (Call Me Irresistible) (Jan 1981)
He Wasn't There (The Spy Who Was Out-of-Focus) (Feb 1981)
The Thin Line (Taxicab Crackdown) (Mar 1981)
Mystery Tune (Death Song) (Apr 1981)
Hide and Seek (May 1981)
Gift (Decipher Deception) (Jun 1981)
Hot Or Cold (Jul 1981)
The Thirteenth Page (Aug 1981)
1 to 999 (One in a Thousand) (Sep 1981)
Twelve Years Old (The 12-Year-Old Problem) (Oct 1981)
Testing, Testing! (Cloak and Dagger Duel) (Nov 1981)
The Appleby Story (The Last Laugh) (Dec 1981)
Dollars and Cents (Countdown to Disaster) (Jan 1982)
Friends and Allies (Mirror Image) (Feb 1982)
Which Is Which? (The Perfect Alibi) (Mar 1982)
The Sign (The Telltale Sign) (Apr 1982)
Catching the Fox (Stopping the Fox) (May 1982)
Getting the Combination (Playing It by the Numbers) (Jun 1982)
The Library Book (Mystery Book) (Jul 1982)
The Three Goblets (A Flash of Brilliance) (Aug 1982)
Spell It! (Book Smart) (Sep 1982)
Two Women (Cherchez la Femme: The Case of the Disappearing Woman) (Oct 1982)
Sending a Signal (A Piece of the Rock) (Nov 1982)
Half a Ghost (A Ghost of a Chance) (Dec 1982)
There Was a Young Lady (Poetic License) (Jan 1983)
State Capital (A Chemical Solution) (Feb 1983)
Never Out of Sight (The Amusement Lark) (Mar 1983)
The Favorite Piece (Face the Music) (Apr 1983)
The Magic Umbrella (Stormy Weather) (May 1983)
The Briefcase in the Taxi (Circuit Breaker) (Jun 1983)
The Bird That Sang Bass (Riddled With Clues) (Jul 1983)
The Last Caesar (Great Caesar's Ghost) (Aug 1983)
The Speck (Dec 1983)
Triply Unique (Jul 1984)
The Year of the Feast (Dec 1984)
The Queen and King (Dec 1984)
Upside Down (Jun 1985)
The Suspect (The Taunter) (Oct 1985)
Straight Lines (Dec 1985)
Child's Play (Jan 1986)
New England Equinox (Mar 1986)
Ten (Aug 1986)
The Common Name (mid-Dec 1986)
The Teddy Bear (May 1987)
The Stamp (Jun 1987)
The Legacy (Apr 1988)
The Lost Dog (Jun 1988)
The Last Man (Mar 1989)
Ho! Ho! Ho! (1989)
Missing (A Safe Place) (Mar 1991)

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