Essays by Isaac Asimov about women

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Uncertain, Coy, and Hard to Please

Subject: women's rights
First Published In: Feb-69, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


Subject: to achieve equality, women should not cultivate an image of stupidity
First Published In: Mid-Dec-88, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

The Falling Birthrate

Subject: the changing role of women
First Published In: Nov-74, American Way (American Airlines)

Freedom at Last

Original Title: You've Come a Long Way Baby . . .
Subject: female freedom, sexual and otherwise
First Published In: 14-Mar-70, Newsday

No More Willing Baby Machines

Subject: women will achieve equality when they are no longer obliged to have children
First Published In: Aug-72, Harper's Bazaar

The Price of Survival

Subject: the role of women in a low-birth-rate world of the future
First Published In: Jun-75, Genesis

The Miss America Pageant

Subject: The Miss America contest affirms success in the sexual marketplace
First Published In: 30-Aug-75, TV Guide

Feminism for Survival

Original Title: Wanted: Half of the Human Race to Solve Life-or-Death Crisis
Subject: women should be treated as intellectual equals of men
First Published In: Mar-80, Science Digest

Men and Marriage

Subject: the change from traditional male roles to equal partnership with women
First Published In: 1987, Conde Nast Publications, Inc.

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