Essays by Isaac Asimov about religion and creationism

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The Judo Argument

Subject: existence of God
First Published In: Apr-75, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


Subject: a defense of atheism from the attacks of religious fundamentalists
First Published In: Jan-92, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

Speaking to All the World

Original Title: Language Arts
Subject: universal language
First Published In: Jul-78, American Way (American Airlines)

Man's First Language

Subject: tracing back early languages
First Published In: 1987-1989, Los Angeles Times

The Flaming God

Subject: the origins of myth and religion probably came from the Sun
First Published In: 30-Oct-76, Saturday Review

The Blind Who Would Lead

Subject: an attack on the ""Moral Majority"" and their beliefs
First Published In: 2-Feb-81, Maclean's

The Reagan Doctrine

Subject: the idea that belief in God makes a person act properly
First Published In: May-81, Lone Star Review

The Sorry Record

Subject: humans have often justified evil to make it seem right
First Published In: 1987, A Different Flesh by Harry Turtledove (1987)

The Devil

Subject: evolution of Satan from Norse, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism
First Published In: Jun-87, Devils (1987)

Watch Out!

Subject: creationist's threat to education and SF
First Published In: 23-Nov-81, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

Losing the Debate

Subject: scientists debating creationism should ask for evidence of it
First Published In: Mar-82, SciQuest

The Army of the Night

Original Title: The Threat of Creationism
Subject: the various arguments for creationism
First Published In: 14-Jun-81, New York Times

The Genesis War

Subject: a debate between Asimov and the director of the Institute for Creation Research
First Published In: Oct-81, Science Digest

Creationism and the Schools

Original Title: The Dangerous Myth of Creationism
Subject: arguments against allowing "equal time" for creationism
First Published In: Jan-82, Penthouse Magazine

The Scientist as Unbeliever

Subject: the conflict of "Fundamentalist" views with scientific views
First Published In: 1985, Encyclopedia of Unbelief

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