Essays by Isaac Asimov about fine arts

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Gilbert & Sullivan

Original Title: An Ode to Gilbert & Sullivan
Subject: Gilbert's lyrics and Sullivan's music go well together
First Published In: 4-Nov-84, Newsday

Music to My Ears

Subject: musical scale
First Published In: Oct-67, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

All Four Stanzas

Subject: /story of the U. S. national anthem
First Published In: Mar-91, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Music, Always (w/Janet)

Subject: music is "the art of sound in time" and has pleasant benefits
First Published In: 1990-1992, Los Angeles Times

The Future of Costume

Original Title: The Seers
Subject: clothing will simplify and be more casual and unisex in the future
First Published In: Sep-85, Esquire

The Future of Handicraft

Subject: crafts are not necessary for survival, but are still enjoyed
First Published In: 1988, Nightfall

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